Desk Exercise Workout Video

I like to highlight encouraging ways to fit exercise into a day. However, if you have a desk job, you might find yourself challenged to fit an exercise routine into your day. 

Well, your excuses are about to fly out the window. Check out this video to get your heart pumping. If you like what you see, there’s more at Break Pal.

Think of all the on-the-job stress that can be worked out by exercising instead of strangling ________________ (write name here), who is obviously determined to ruin your day.

This is for you my desk-bound, friend. 

Has Your Body Forgotten to Drink Water?

Are you interested in discovering how your body can “forget” that you are thirsty and “think” that you are hungry, if you don’t drink enough water? 

In a prior post, Are You Thirsty for a Better Body?, I wrote about my creative, yet low-calorie way to drink water without it being boring. I had also briefly mentioned how our bodies can get confused between the hunger and the thirst signal.

I had someone recently comment that they were looking for more information on that topic, so I found the book I had on that, and here is an excerpt from the book:

The body has an ability to adapt to some hardship. Low food intake and temporary shortage of water in the body seem to invoke an adaptive process. The essential functions of the body are managed until we have access to food and water. In this process, the sensation of thirst can be confused with the feeling of hunger, because both sensations are similar in the way they register-they stem from low energy levels in the brain. This is one of the main contributing factors in the development of obesity in the young and the old. They mistakenly eat food to satisfy their thirst sensation. 

They seem to respond to both calls-thirst and hunger-as if they are only hungry. They begin to eat until the thirst sensation gathers greater strength as a result of the additional load of solid food within the system, and only then do they drink some water. This type of thirst satisfaction is not enough for the urgent needs of the body, but is just enough to fall inside the body’s limit of temporary adaptation to water shortage. In this way, the water shortage in the body becomes a steadily expanding chronic state, and new thresholds of adaptation are forced on the body. This process results in a slowly deteriorating loss of thirst sensation, so much so that the need for regular water intake as a sensation gradually becomes forgotten. 

Water: for Health, for Healing, for Life       by F. Batmanghelidj, MD 


Basically, getting this one thing right can help you eliminate a multitude of health issues. As an added bonus, it will cut down your cravings and give you more energy. 

So, what’s stopping you from drinking the water you should? Leave a comment…



500 Calorie Burning Workout Video

Here is a great calorie burning workout video.

It seems easy enough but keep in mind that you are supposed to do it 4 times! Eeeek!

If that seems way over the top to you - then just do the workout twice and cut out 250 calories out of your food for the day. (Is that cheating?)

Help! I’m in Love with my Kettlebell but I Don’t Know Any Kettlebell Exercises

I got a Kettlebell as a Christmas gift. (Yes, it was on my wish list.) And I absolutely LOVE it!

Are you questioning my fascination with the Kettlebell (or maybe, just my sanity)?

Well, I am really big on efficiency. I don’t have a lot of spare time in my life, yet I am committed to spending time exercising, and lifting weights is part of that commitment. Since a Kettlebell workout uses ALL the muscles in my body, I can use a 30 minute Kettlebell workout to replace an hour and a half workout lifting weights at the gym. You don’t need to be a math genius to figure out that that is a huge time savings. And that, my friend, is a thing of beauty!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…I was so excited to finally have a Kettlebell that I started doing some swings right away. I quickly realized that in order for me to STAY in LOVE with my Kettlebell, I would need to find a variety of Kettlebell exercises. (I like variety, otherwise I get bored and would rather sit around and eat ice cream than exercise.)

The stores weren’t open to buy a DVD (after all, it was Christmas Day), so I remembered watching videos on You Tube showing Kettlebell exercises, so I went there. I picked up a few moves there and it was enough to get me through the holiday. Phew! That was a close one.

I then bought a DVD of Kettlebell exercises by Sarah Lurie. I’m happy to report that my thighs are now killing me AND I have officially entered into the love/hate portion of the relationship with my Kettlebell (and Sarah Lurie). 

I also found some extensive Kettlebell exercises at They have photos and an explanation of how to do the exercise. The cool thing about their site is that they have the exercises broken up according to body part. Even though the Kettlebell works more than one body part at a time, they list the main body part that it is working for that particular exercise. It’s pretty cool, check it out.

For those of you wondering, “What the hell, is a Kettlebell?” (I couldn’t pass up the poetry) I’ve included this video. Push play and enter into the fascinating world of the Kettlebell. And be sure to tell me in the comments what your thoughts are about Kettlebells.



Are You a New Year’s Resolution Maker or Hater?

I personally like to “map out goals” vs. “make resolutions”. The difference is that by mapping out goals, I will review them quarterly to see if I’m on track. There is also an internal difference and I’m not just focused on one thing (like losing weight or getting in shape). My “goal mapping” includes other areas of my life. My map helps me to figure out where I’m heading in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives. 

I find that the beginning of the year is a perfect time to do this, mainly because I have this “fresh-start-I-can-accomplish-anything” feeling. And I want to take full advantage of it before I get overwhelmed and possibly lose my confidence (or worse yet, my mind).

However, I have started “goal plans” at other times of the year, like September. Usually when I was just fed up with how things were going and in desperate need of a “life overhaul”. The “when” doesn’t matter as much as the “inspiration” to get things turned around.

My friend at The Fit Shack wrote an excellent post about the effectiveness of our New Year’s Resolution to lose weight being directly effected by our “inspiration” behind it. It’s definitely worth reading and will help you to put a firm foundation under your weight loss plan (whether it starts January 1st or October 18th).

I’m off to put the finishing touches on my 2009 Goals since I’m still in the “turning-over-a-new-leaf, I-can-do-ANYTHING mode” 

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment about your Resolution/Goals.


Video Tips for Your New Years Resolution to Lose Weight

C’mon, you know you’re thinking about it. Okay, so maybe you’re not thinking about what you can do to keep your resolution but I bet you’re thinking that it’s okay if you eat one more ______ (fill in the blank) because after January 1st you are going to ROCK your resolution to lose weight. 

Well, I think it’s helpful if we start putting our New Year’s Resolution to lose weight at the forefront of our thought process. That way we might slow down a bit when we reach for that one more ______. If there’s less weight for us to lose, our resolution will be easier to keep. 

Need some motivation to start thinking about your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight or get in shape? Just hit “play” on the above video.

Then leave a comment about your thoughts for YOUR New Year’s Resolution. 


How To Not KILL Your Family (and Waistline) These Holidays

I received an email the other day from my friend Jeff Anderson (aka The Muscle Nerd). I thoroughly enjoyed it because it was composed of the perfect blend of humorous sarcasm and TRUTH. Those two things blended together always touch me in a way that nothing else can. I LOVE IT!

Anytime we learn something while we are laughing about it at the same time, it helps what we’ve learned to stick in our brain.

(Gee, Jeff, I hope no one in your family reads my blog! If they do, be sure to send me another email telling me about the next family get together. )

Begin Hilarious Email from Jeff:

Ok, this was the plan, Lori…18 hour drive from Chicago to upstate NY on Wednesday of this week…Thanksgiving holiday with my parents, sisters, etc. on Thursday…out on Friday.

Short, sweet, and no time to dig deep into dysfunctional family arguments.

Then my grandmother passed away last week, forcing us to move our trip up to come out for the funeral. Thinking this was my “out” for the holiday (c’mon Lori…you can’t expect me to travel 18 hours each way TWICE in 2 weeks, right?), I was in for a surprise…

…snow squalls between Chicago and NY…ALL DAMN WEEK!

What should have been 3 days in and out is now turning out to be 11 DAYS…stranded in HELL!

You see, my parents live in a tiny little town in the mountains that forces you to live like a bit character on “Little House On The Prarie”…nothing but a Wal-Mart, a few pizza joints, and a liquor store.

I remember someone once saying that as adults, we should never stay in the same house as our parents for longer than 3 days. I now understand WHY and I’ve begun checking on the waiting period for a handgun permit in New York state.

Part of the problem?  The inherent challenge of staying in shape over these 11 days amidst all the stress and trying to scrape together a healthy diet.

There’s not a single gym or health food store within driving distance and my parents’ pantry is filled with what amounts to a bazillion boxes of refined carbohydrates and bottles of high-fructose corn syrup!

But I think I’ve turned the corner and for those of you who may find yourself in similar circumstances over the holidays, I offer you my own personal…

…”How To Stay In Shape (And Out Of Prison) Over The Holidays” plan!

I’ve broken my own “Survival Plan” up into a MORNING and an EVENING set of strategies.


TRAIN!  Simple as that!

Training in the morning jacks up your metabolism the rest of the day because your muscles are using body fat to fuel your recovery efforts.

I went down into my parents’ private junk yard (aka “the basement”) and found a water pipe I can use as a pull up bar to hit my back, shoulders and arms depending upon whether I have my hands facing in or away from me, followed by some hanging knee raises for abs.

Putting my feet up on the stairs for some elevated pushups, I can also hit my chest the “old fashioned” way!

For legs, I stand at the bottom of the stairs, facing away from them and stick one foot behind me on one of the steps.  Slowly dropping my body down, I can do some brutal one-legged stationary lunges to hit both my hams and quads pretty hard.

After a good “muscle” workout, the crap my parents have in their cupboards is actually what my muscles are craving so they can use the sugar rush to replenish muscle glycogen and aid in new muscle growth.  A sizable protein shake (using some generic tub of whey I found at the local Wal-Mart) goes great with the white flour pancakes my mom has made for my son each morning!

I’ve been knocking out this morning training program each day in just about 20-30 minutes of an intense gut-buster so it actually gives me a great window of opportunity where the sludge they call ”food” in these parts doesn’t have that negative effect it would have if I weren’t taxing my body along the way.

(BONUS POINTS: Your family sees you training and they either think YOU think you’re “better than them” or they’re inspired to do something about their own depressing bodies.  Either way…YOU WIN!)


I try to limit my carb intake from about 5pm on to avoid fat storage at night while I sleep.

However, after a full day of putting up with “lessons on how to raise my son” and guilt trips, I’m usually jones’n for a coconut custard pie and a shovel to help numb the pain by 7pm.

===> Solution #1:  “Smart Desserts”!

1 cup of low fat cottage cheese with a scoop of my chocolate whey protein powder mixed in and you’d swear you were eating chocolate cheesecake! 

Mmmmm…muscle building goodness!

===> Solution #2:  Red wine!

I normally have 1 glass of red wine each night with dinner, but hey…this is a “special occasion” so I’m making an exception and making it 2 GLASSES while I’m stuck here!

My parents are looking at me and wondering if I need a 12 step program, but I tell them that the antioxidants in the wine are good for me and suggest they drink also.  (I figure if we ALL had 2 glasses of wine, we’d get along MUCH better!)

But seriously Lori…wine does reduce stress, contains antioxidants, and is a vasodilator so it helps with blood flow in transporting nutrients to your muscles.

Probably most importantly, it helps to reduce cortisol levels in your body.

I’ve dedicated a whole section in my Combat The Fat Program to the harmful effects of cortisol and how to keep it from slapping mounds of fat onto your body. It’s one of the main culprits you have to deal with when trying to lose weight and you absolutely MUST get this hormone under control to maximize your fat burning.

Anyway, I hope my own survival plan will help many of YOU cope with the stress and fitness challenges that await you this holiday season.

But if I don’t make it and you see my face plastered on a “Most Wanted” poster at your local post office, think about how valuable these tips were for you and look the other way should you see my white mini-van taking the back roads to Mexico, ok?

Thanks for helping a brother muscle nerd out, Lori!

Your “Champion For The Average Joe & Jane”

The “Muscle Nerd”
Jeff Anderson

Holiday Gift Ideas for Healthy Weight Loss-Part 2

Here’s a gift idea that is just about on everyone’s gift list, especially those interested in losing weight and eating right.

A personal chef for a week. (from Bistro M.D.)

Let’s face it eating right and losing weight takes work. It’s work to plan, shop and cook all that nutritiously balanced food. And that’s assuming we already know what we should be eating and how much of it.

Imagine how much it would mean to someone to get the gift of nutritiously balanced meals designed by a doctor, cooked by a chef and delivered to their door by Fed Ex. Not only is this a gift of health but it is also a gift of time saved (all that cooking, shopping, planning). After all, everyone has to eat!

It’s surprisingly affordable. Especially if you consider what you would be paying for food for the week, anyway! 

I want to be like Oprah. If she can lose weight and eat right with the help of a personal chef, I can too. Therefore, this is officially on my wish list. If this gift is on your wish list, too and you would like to email a big hint to someone - click on the “ShareThis” link at the bottom of this post and hit the “Send Email” button. Excuse me while I email this post to my husband. ;-) wink, wink

Holiday Gift Ideas for Sports & Fitness Buffs (or Wannabes)-Part 1

It’s that time of year again. Are you wondering what you could possibly get that special someone on your list with an interest in fitness?

One of my favorites is Bodylastics Resistance Bands and here is why:

  • Under $50
  • Adjusts to any fitness level (from beginner to Terrell Owens-Super Strong Man System)
  • Builds Muscle (Strength Training)
  • It is quiet (your house mates and neighbors will appreciate that)
  • Space saving (You don’t need a spare room)
  • Travel with it (Workout in your hotel room or at the beach)
  • Comes with membership to video training (kinda like your own personal trainer
There is also special exercises included for those wanting to improve their Golf, Tennis, Baseball and Martial Arts. If you want to know more about that - go to the very bottom of the Bodylastics website and look for the “Sports” section.
Anyone interested in improving their fitness will love you for giving them this gift. In fact, you might want to order one for yourself, too. But you will need to order Bodylastics Resistance Bands early because it takes a few weeks to arrive. So don’t wait, take care of eliminating your shopping list now. 

come see the workout system that!

Upper Body Workout Video With a Stability Ball

I just love workout videos that only take a few minutes and use something as common as a stability ball! It seems like lately all the time I have to get in some exercise is a few minutes here and there. I need to start making good use of my few minutes. I think this workout video will help.